UTRAK Asset Finance

UTRAK asset finance is the solution to your problem. With UTRAK asset finance, you can step into the future and enjoy your tomorrow today by getting your dream items today and pay by instalments.

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Business/SME Loan

It is a hassle free loan with competitive interest rate to help your business soar to the pedestal you envisage.

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Fixed Deposit

It is an investment product with competitive interest-yielding rate for our cherished customers. It offers customers the opportunity to invest their surplus funds.

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侯龙 何莉萍

Your Listening, caring partner.

About Our Company

UTRAK Savings and Loans is a registered financial house with its head office in Asokwa, Kumasi.

For over 20 years, UTRAK has provided superior customer services to it customers. We have gone through the ranks. ?After establishing a strong presence in the hire purchase industry, UTRAK financial services now UTRAK Savings and Loans Limited applied for a license from Bank of Ghana to operate a Financial company under financial institution (Non-Banking) Law (PNDC 328) of 1993. Th application was granted on the 13th day of September, 2006.

Now by dint of hard work and recognition by Bank of Ghana (BoG), we are a Savings ?and Loans Company. We have come this far because of our commitment to delight our customers.?


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