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Vanessa (Vanessaira)

New RetroTINK-2X Mini Revealed

Mike Chi, the developer of the RetroTINK series of products has just availed his latest video scaling solution.? Called the RT2X Mini, this device is designed to be a simple, cost effective video solution for those users who just need composite or S-Video upscaled to 480p or 567p.? Mike noted that the new Mini replaces […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Mega EverDrive Pro Is Now Available For Purchase

Hardware and rom cart designer Igor Golubovskiy “Kr!Kzz” has just announced that the much anticipated Mega EverDrive Pro is now available for purchase.? This improved “Pro” model SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive cart is due in large part to the necessity of the hardware design and components used.? Some of the microchips used in the making of […]


Weekly Roundup #207

Here’s this week’s roundup!??An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download:??https://www.retrorgb.com/podcast/?name=2020-06-24_207.mp3 Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Please consider signing up as a supporter!? Either hit Join, tip or pledge on this video, or sign up through the following services:? https://www.floatplane.com/channel/RobertNeal? /? https://www.patreon.com/retrorgb?? T-Shirts:? https://www.retrorgb.com/store.html All […]


HyperFlash32: Prototype Preview

Kevin Mellott has just showed off a working prototype of the HyperFlash32 Virtual Boy ROM cart and it definitely seems to be living up to its expectations! While detailed reviews are sure to come soon, this sneak peak shows the cart’s basic operation:? Add a MicroSD card loaded with Virtual Boy roms, then power the […]


Dreamcast 32MB RAM upgrade

A guide was just posted that showed how to upgrade your Dreamcast’s RAM from 16MB to 32MB.? At the moment, only homebrew and emulators can utilize the extra RAM, not original games:??https://tsowell.github.io/2020/06/21/dreamcast-32mb-ram-upgrade.html There’s already BIOS flashers available that will allow homebrew to see the extra RAM, but the real question on people’s minds is:? Will […]


Tim Worthington’s 2020 Product Lineup Now Available

NESRGB creator Tim Worthington has just opened orders on the 2020 lineup of products that was previously announced.? For more details about each, please see Rany’s post here:??https://www.retrorgb.com/tim-worthingtons-2020-product-lineup.html Pricing (in approximate USD) and sale links are as follows: SCART2ARC30 – $60:??https://etim.net.au/shop/shop.php?crn=215&rn=573&action=show_detail This is the third revision of Tim’s famous Scart to JAMMA adapter. It basically […]


Virtual Boy: Bound High Debug Menu

Virtual Boy developer Thunderstruck has just released an updated version of the unreleased game Bound High, that has the debug menu activated.? In order to make this happen, Thunderstruck edited the original source code to activate the options, made the menu easier to access, then complied it with a modern compiler. Here’s the current options […]


SD2SNES Gets Super Game Boy Support

An anonymous coder dropped off a modified SD2SNES firmware in a few places today which adds a Super Game Boy core to the SD2SNES. The Super Game Boy was a cartridge that allowed you to play Game Boy games on a Super Nintendo. It contained an entire Game Boy system inside the cart, minus the […]

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