IC Engineering, Inc.

PO Box 321 ?Owings Mills, MD 21117USA ?410-363-8748 ?Fax 214-889-3668
: IC Engineering, Inc.

Line SecurerModem Security Enforcer PCBDebit Phone Circuit Board

- Test equipment for cable VoIP, local, and long distance telephone companies-
- Hardware platform and textbook to teach Microcontrollers -
- Remote access gear to PBX's and other CPE for service providers -
- Data security hardware adding screening and callback to modems -
- Telecom and microprocessor based circuit design services -

RTS-2 Remote Test Set

Equipment to remotely access telephone lines:


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Automated Remote OriginationNetwork Test System

Equipment to test cable VoIP, long distance carrier, and telephone companycentral offices:

Telephone Man

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TC SchematicTone Controller

University MicrocontrollerTrainer (UMT-1)
Equipment to teach Microcontroller hardware and software


Programming the 68HC08,8051, and eZ8in Assembly Language

Front Cover

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Data Security Device

Login Name ID --> Initial Password --> Callback --> Repeat Password


Adds Security to Existing Dial-up Modems

Available in Single and Multiple Line Models

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Design Services

PBX line card

IC Engineering has been in business since 1986, andoffers standard products (such as the Modem Security Enforcer and ARONTS)as well as custom product development. Our emphasis is on voice and datatelecommunications systems utilizing microcontroller technology.

Depending on requirements, we can modify the firmwareand hardware of our existing proprietary platforms to address specificapplications, or design entirely new hardware and software when necessary.Complete turnkey products, engineering plans for submission to outsidemanufacturers, and subsystem design can be provided. Joint developmentventures are welcomed.

Some Past Projects

Principal Engineer's Resume

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