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BohemeCollectif, Nashville's most diverse art and event space,
announces 1 year anniversary and official public launch

East Nashville, TN (September,2012) – Boheme Collectif, the best-kept secret in Nashville's burgeoning artscene, will mark the end of a successful first year Oct 31 with a celebratoryHalloween soiree for its tight-knit members and the creative community atlarge. “Boheme's Swinging Macabre Spooktacular” will serve as the officialpublic launch for an underground art house and event space that had primarilyrelied on word-of-mouth for its membership enrollment as well as for itsdiverse events, workshops and classes.

The first annual Halloweenparty, which lasts from 8pm to midnight, doesn't aim to compete with the  infamous Five Points pub crawl. Boheme'screative director, Sabrina Langlois, believes it will instead be the perfectplace for grown-up ghosts and goblins to kick off the night in a spookyspeakeasy setting. “I love the pub crawl,” she said, “and I think our gatheringwill be a great way to start so that one is ready for that madness. We’ll havemusic, magic, burlesque, and other performances – and of course we will have somedrinks.”

Langlois also sees theretro-themed event as a mainstream launch for the growing artists collective,which has primarily operated under the radar in the community at large. Nestledamong a group of nondescript brick warehouses on Gallatin Road, the brightstenciled sign that beacons drivers along East Nashville's main thoroughfarepiqued interest among passersby. But Langlois, an east side resident for 7years, did little promotion for the first six months, shying away from thepublic eye when she began work on the space last October.

“It has been a naturalevolution,” she said. “Generally artists want to feel connected – tothemselves, to their intentions, to others, and even to the world at large. Artis created to share, so we offer a place for artists of all genres and forms toexperiment and grow.” One visit to the impressively eccentric space and it'sapparent that this growth was inevitable.

“Originally, it was set upmore as a workshop downstairs and a performance and gallery-style spaceupstairs. But as time went on and it began to expand organically, we realizedthat we needed the help of
many hands to keep the placealive.” Her background in theatre, visual art, and non-profits helped inspireher to take Boheme to the next level.

This resulted in thecompletion of a chic upstairs loft space that recalls Andy Warhol's Factorywith high ceilings and metallic-colored walls. Langlois asserts that themetamorphosis was encouraged by the collaborative experience of thecooperative's early days. “I get energized by art and artists, and I love theprocess of creation and execution of projects, self-improvement andself-discovery,” she said.

Since the first art exhibit inJanuary, Boheme has expanded to include regular events that cater to both nicheaudiences and a mainstream crowd alike. Big Daddy Cool brings his voodoo circusand cabaret act to the space on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Vinyasaflow yoga takes place every Saturday morning. The Funky Junk flea market, whichfeatures local vintage, art and craft vendors, attracts savvy shoppers once amonth. On top of that, new events are constantly being added to the regularevent calender – like a UK Bass & Dubstep night, a wine-fueled writingworkshop, and a 6-week belly dancing course for beginners.

Langloisis also in the process of acquiring a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status for the arthouse, which has already been partnering with local non-profits for fundraisersand  community-focused, affordable artclasses and workshops for home-schooled children, teenagers, adults andcouples. “We are so fortunate,” she said. “The people who join the collectivewant to hone in on their own artistic skills, but also come with the desire toteach and share with others, so it’s a great network.”

In the coming year, Langloisplans to further expand the uses of the multifunctional facility. “If there issomething that the community wants, we will try to provide an outlet for it,”she said. “I hope it gives people a place to be, learn, grow and maybe even getto know themselves and the world around them a little better.”

For more information, contactSabrina Langlois or Graham Griffith at boheme.arthouse@gmail.com or615-517-6801.

Free Entry To Artists: Design Contest For Band's Upcoming Tour T-Shirts

Female fronted hard rock/ melodic metal band Oblivious Signal is taking submissions from all artists worldwide for their new T-Shirt design.

The Ft Lauderdale based band’s singer was recently named “Florida’s Queen of Rock” with over 25,000 votes. They are now looking for a new T-Shirt design to print prior to an upcoming tour to promote their upcoming sophomore album.

This contest will be open to the public and run until the May 31st deadline when the top three entries, as chosen by the band, will be presented to the fans for popular vote. Both Oblivious Signal’s fans and the fans of the artists will be able to vote for their favorite design until the June 8th deadline, when the submission with the most likes will be named the winner.

An exceptional promotional opportunity for graphic artists with public voting via facebook, top three submissions announced and shared via press release and a free ad on www.Oblivioussignal.com. Additional prizes include an Oblivious Signal T-Shirt with the new design and a free album download with bonus track.

To enter, go to the Oblivious Signal fan page ‘like’ it. 

After reviewing a little about the band and listening to a few tracks if you aren’t already familiar with their work, create a design that you feel their fans will like and represents their sound. Submit to RockMonstarMgt@gmail.com by May 31st.

The band will choose the top 3 picks and send those on to the fans for their votes starting June 1st. The design with the top number of likes before the stroke of midnight June 8th will be announced and will go on the new shirt to be printed prior to the next tour and be on sale at upcoming shows and festivals.

Artists are encouraged to get their fans and friends to ‘like ‘ their work on Oblivious Signal’s page. This gives everyone a chance to vote once and gives all the artists additional exposure.

For additional information contact band management through RockMonstarMgt@gmail.com or contact the band directly through their facebook.
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