JUST IN TIME TUX proudly provides the Reno, Nevada, area with high-quality and custom fitted tuxedos. We understand how stressed and time deprived you can get while planning a wedding or special event, which is why we offer concierge and delivery services. We take pride in our work and our job is never fulfilled until the customer is satisfied.

Not only do we provide custom tuxes, but we continuously strive to work around your schedule and make every client consultation personable. Whether you and your groomsmen need rentals or your son needs his first formal attire, we have it covered. Contact our specialist today!
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Do you have a special event coming up? Trust us to provide your custom tuxedo. We proudly offer fittings, delivery, and concierge services. 
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Looking for something specific or need a certain color? Give us a call today. Our specialist will gladly guide you to your perfect tuxedo.   

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