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We can help you find pallets, and once you have some, determine if they’re safe to use! If you’re new to woodworking, you can discover the essential tools you’ll need to start creating! Dismantle them in record time with several methods and many tool options to suit your needs. Learn about the types of wood joints, the best glues for your projects too! Maybe you want to begin by restoring or protecting the wood furniture you already have. We have resources for that too!

  • How To Tell If A Wood Pallet Is Safe For Reuse?

  • How To Dismantle A Pallet?

  • Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions

  • Common Types Of Wood Joints You Should Know

  • 17 Helpful Tips Before Painting Wood Pallets

  • Learn How To Identify The Different Types Of Pallet Wood!

  • How To Fill Holes In Wood Pallets?

  • 4 Methods To Remove A Stripped Or Broken Screw

  • Wood Sanding Tips For Your Pallet Projects

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Check out our Step-By-Step Printable Pallet PDF Plans & Woodworking Plans that are available FOR FREE!You will learn how to make: a pallet garden pathway, a pallet table, a pallet garden chair, a modular pallet coffee table, a wine rack, a terrace deck, a Pallet Module For Exhibitions (EsagOmo), bathroom storage and MUCH MORE. If you want to participate in this category and send us a tutorial you have done, PLEASEcontact us.

  • The Beginner Guide For Pallet Crafting

  • Pallet Half-Moon Cradle

  • Pallet Dog Bed

  • Pallet Teenager Cabin

  • 13 Wood Joinery Types Guide

  • Pallet Garden Chair

  • Brilliant Cordless Tool Station You Can Make

  • DIY Easy Pallet Bar Plans

  • Pallet Table

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