XidML (eXtensible Instrumentation Definition Markup Language) is an XML method for storing and exchanging information on how data is acquired, processed and packaged for transmission, storage or reproduction. In particular, XidML is designed to store and exchange information between multiple vendors and user-groups about complex instrumentation gathering thousands of parameters.

XidML 3.0 and XdefML 3.0 were both released by a trustees meeting at ETC in June. This website has been simplified to ensure easy access to the released standard and associated documentation and tools as listed below. As would be expected after a major release the forum topics page has been cleared as we try and gather the ideas being suggested for later releases. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


The current schema, examples, X-Essential wallchart and XidML Tutorials can all be viewed/downloaded. Earlier schemas and associated documentation have been archived, to view, click archive.


XdefML Assistant, a user friendly tool for creating and editing XdefML files

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