10 Minutes with Deepak Arneja, Mohindra Fasteners Ltd – Fastenerblog.net

TS: Tell me a little bit about the background of Mohindra. I could look up and see that it was incorporated in 1995 but that is all I know of the company background. Please, fill us in on the history of Mohindra.Deepak: Mohindra Fasteners Ltd ...[Read More]

Sundram Fasteners’ division bags honours from General Motors – The Hindu BusinessLine

Auto component maker Sundram Fasteners has said that its powertrain components division was named as the ‘GM Supplier of the Year’ by the US automaker General Motors (GM).(...)via Sundram Fasteners’ division bags honours from General Motors ...[Read More]

The inspiration behind the ForeverLok | Fastener Engineering

The fastener industry is something Earl Size rarely, if ever, thought about. For 20 years, the Michigan-based native has owned a successful skate shop that provides services and repairs for hockey players and ice skaters in Troy, which is about 20 ...[Read More]

Suit any screw joint with MINIMAT-ED | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The latest upgrade from screwdriving technology specialist DEPRAG SCHULZ GmbH u CO has resulted in the flexible low cost electric handheld screwdriver MINIMAT-ED. When used in conjunction with ComCenter ED, this screwdriver can be adapted quickly ...[Read More]

US demand for wire forms in medical equipment | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The demand for medical equipment is very high worldwide due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19. Singapore-based John While Solutions Pte Ltd, a Lesj?fors company, has received a large order for wire forms used in life-saving equipment.(....[Read More]

Compression, tension and torsion springs | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Compression, tension and torsion springs are amongst the most popular types of spring, as they are used in everyday applications, however each has a wealth of applications and uses. In this article spring manufacturer Airedale Springs Ltd takes an ...[Read More]

Hack the Crisis: How PennEngineering has managed the challenge | Fastener Engineering

As an essential manufacturer, PennEngineering has remained operational during the COVID-19 pandemic that closed down many businesses. A mechanical fastener expert, the company manufactures several key products that support medical and life-sustain...[Read More]

Century Fasteners appoints new director of operations | Fastener Engineering

Century Fasteners Corp. a master distributor of fasteners and components to major and essential industries, recently promoted long-time employee James Harding to director of operations.(...)via Century Fasteners appoints new director of operations ...[Read More]

Constant force, load and performance | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Ex-stock constant force springs from Lee Spring Ltd offer a flat force curve which ensures their value for a range of applications including electric motors, appliances, space vehicles and other long motion functions.(...)via Constant force, load ...[Read More]

Taiwan CSC’s carbon steel sales fall to 63-month low | Mysteel Global

Carbon steel sales at China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwan’s top steel producer headquartered in Kaohsiung, South Taiwan, continued to drop in May, sliding by another 14.8% on month to 730,444 tonnes, the lowest record since March 2015, a company ...[Read More]
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